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Season 2 Episodes

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Reclaiming Joy, Part 1
Fear, Assumptions and a Nasty Little Attitude Called Contempt

Reclaiming Joy Part 2

In the Midst of Valleys, Quarreling and Opposition

Reclaiming Joy Part 3
Face-to-Face Again: Is it Really Possible to Forgive?


Season 1 Episodes

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Episode 01
What's Friendship Got to Do With Holiness?

Episode 02
Too Much Yes, Not Enough No: Losing Yourself in Your Calendar

Episode 03, Part I
Finding Rest for Body, Mind, & Soul

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Episode 03, Part II
Practicing Rest with Special Guest Tammy Kolbo

Episode 04
Lost Keys and Dog Poop: When Your Morning Turns Into the Apocalypse

Episode 05
Accepting Your Wounded Self: Self-Compassion & Belovedness


Episode 06
Going the Extra Mile: What Radical Hospitality Looks Like

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Episode 07 
Handling Conflict the Jesus Way with Special Guest Rev. Bruce Case

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Episode 08
Well, That Was Awkward: Laughter, Confession, and Recovering From Embarrassment


Episode 09: Trusting God During Seasons of Waiting with Special Guest Kristin McNair


Episode 10
What If It's Wonderful? - Celebration and Play

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Episode 11 
What a Day in Traffic Court Taught Me About Sacramental Living

One Voice by Susan Eaton

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Episode 12: 
The One Thing Worth Being Concerned About

One Voice by Lyerly Christensen

Episode 13
The Day God Spoke Through My Two-Year-Old

One Voice by Susan Eaton

Episode 14: Big Girls Don't Cry

One Voice by Lindsey Lewis


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