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The Practice of Saying Yes with Scott Erickson

SCOTT ERICKSON has had long midnight conversations with the Voice of Giving Up, and knows how depression can make the Voice especially loud. In this episode we talk with Scott about how he's moved beyond the Voice of Giving Up into a life of saying yes, the difference between a desire and a dream, and how the spiritual practice of taking away helps us grow closer to God.


About Scott: Scott is currently touring his one-man show, “SAY YES: A Liturgy of Not Giving Up On Yourself”, juxtaposing story-teaching, participation, humor, and image curation as he walks us through the very personal and universal conversation about the death of a dream and the overwhelming voice of Giving Up in our lives. 

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Congas, Coffee, and Contribution with Tony Lymon

Imagine you're twenty-something years old. You're touring the world with your friends in your extremely popular pop/rock band, King Konga. You have a hit song that reaches #81 on the AC Hot 100 Pop Charts, and you've captured the eyes of many major record labels. You have the opportunity to take a big step toward fame, and you say... no. That's precisely what TONY LYMON did. But more than saying no to a lifestyle of world tours and hit songs, Tony said yes to how God was calling him to contribute to others. Listen in as we talk with Tony about his journey of saying yes (and where you can find his awesome new coffee brand)!

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It's Not Just a Gym. It's a Community with Steve McAlister

When does a gym become more than a gym? When it becomes a place of true community. Today, we talk with STEVE MCALISTER, founder and owner of Versus Strength and Conditioning in Hattiesburg, MS, about the principles he founded his business on, and how his efforts in building healthy, supportive community have come back to bless him and his family during his wife's cancer diagnosis.

Versus Strength and Conditioning isn’t just a gym. It’s a community. A place where professional athletes, housewives, small business owners, high school athletes, police officers, young professionals and more come together to redefine and rediscover themselves. With a little elbow grease, perseverance and determination ­ our athletes (because that’s what they are) not only set goals, but smash through them.

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