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Season 2 Bonus Materials

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Reclaiming Joy, Part 1
Fear, Assumptions and a Nasty Little Attitude Called Contempt

Join us for a 3-part series exploring the book Reclaiming Joy - Living in the Transforming Power of Reconciliation and Forgiveness. In this episode, we look at three things that are sure to prevent joy from flourishing in our lives: fear, assumption-making, and contempt.

About the Book:

This study of Genesis 26 will ask you to address some common attitudes, habits, and behaviors that are preventing you from living the life of joy God desires for you. After taking this journey you will:

  • understand how ineffective and damaging fear is in your life

  • recognize where you might be making assumptions about others

  • discern whether you may need to exit a toxic relationship or environment

  • be equipped to express kindness and love to difficult people

  • be positioned to forgive those who have hurt you.

Get Your Copy of Reclaiming Joy - Living in the Transforming Power of Reconciliation and Forgiveness, by Rev. Susan Eaton


  • Where is fear overly active in your life right now?

  • Can you name any recent decisions, conversations, or actions of yours that were fear-based? If so, name the action and what fear was associated with that decision, comment, etc.

  • How might fear be distorting the truth for you about a current situation, person, or relationship?

  • Think about a relationship that is difficult for you. What adjectives would you use to describe your feelings, attitudes, and actions regarding this person/people? (Be as honest as you can, even if it's ugly.)

  • Now, consider what would change about your current feelings, attitudes, and actions if you chose to reclaim love for this person/people.

  • Spend some time in prayer today asking God to help you become a person of Love.

*Questions are taken from the study Reclaiming Joy by Rev. Susan Eaton

Reclaiming Joy Part 2

This week we journey with Isaac (Genesis 26) into the valley and discover how God uses even the painful times in our lives to do His good work in us. In this session, we dig deep into what it really takes to unstop the life-giving wells of our souls so we can experience God’s deep joy and gladness and find healing.

Use this link to order your copy of Reclaiming Joy. We encourage you to get the book and use these episodes to enhance your personal study.

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Reflection or Discussion Questions

1. Have you ever treated someone poorly because you were envious or jealous of them? (Put downs, deliberately not celebrating their accomplishments, ignoring them, talking poorly about them to others, etc.)

2. Think about a "valley" you have been through or are currently experiencing. What would you name that valley? (Ex. The Valley of Weeping, The Valley of Wrecked Relationships)

3. Can you see how God has transformed or is transforming your valley into a place of blessing? If so, how?

4. What wells need to be opened in your life? How have they been renamed? 

5. Are you in a situation or relationship that is toxic to your mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional health? If so, name the ways this situation or relationship is having a negative impact on you.

6. In what ways are you being tempted to act or react according to the flesh instead of the Spirit?

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Reclaiming Joy, Part 3 -  Face-to-Face Again: Is It Really Possible to Forgive?

Listen Here

You’ve left the toxic environment or relationship. You’ve been doing the work of healing past wounds. You’ve moved forward in so many ways. Then one day you’re face-to-face with the person who caused you so much pain. How do you respond?

In this episode, we discuss the power of forgiveness and how it is essential to living a life of joy. Yes, it can be hard, but it is possible to forgive even that person, and it’s necessary if we’re going to be a source of healing for the world. Listen in as we wrap up our 3-part series on Reclaiming Joy.

Reflection/Discussion Questions

Reflection/Discussion Questions:

1. Look up and read Ephesians 4:25-5:2

  • (vs. 26-27) Who does Paul say we are making room for when we hang on to anger?

  • Look carefully over the entire passage. What does Paul say we need to put away or give up?

  • (vs. 4:32-5:2) What are the traits and/or actions Paul says we should possess?

  • Looking at both lists, which traits are more prevalent in your life right now?

  • Ask yourself, "Based on my current attitudes, who am I making room for in my soul?

2. What is one practical step you can take today to live in love?

3. What sins of others have you been retaining? What has been the result of that physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

"Forgiveness is dangerous to those who prefer tragic storylines." To Forgive is Human, by Everett Worthington

Additional resources mentioned: 
To Forgive is Human, by Everett Worthington

How to Pray for Someone Who Hurt You, by Crystal McGowen

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

What if you had a magic wand to help you know how to best work with and communicate with others? The DiSC personality profile might not be a “magic wand”, but it can help you understand your personality and the personality of others. Listen as we use the DiSC Agile EQ profile to explore how to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of ourselves and others.

To learn more about the DiSC assessments, visit

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